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Say It All

From meaningful messages for family and friends to final farewells, every thought you wish to express is prewritten, recorded, and saved for the special people in your life.

Collect Tributes That Stand the Test of Time With a QR Memorial

With a memorial QR code plaque positioned on your loved one’s headstone, marker, slate, monument, or by itself on a stake, you can collect loving tributes from those who knew them, stored in a place where you can read them time and again. Your QR code plaque will also give you a dedicated archive where you can view photos, videos and written memories of their life.

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3 Easy Steps

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Sign Up

Step 2

Choose your farewell method (letter, voice recording, or video recording)

Step 3

Have peace of mind knowing we will deliver these messages upon your departure.


Ever After Memoir™ is a time-stopping messaging service providing people with an easy way to leave considerate, well-thought-out messages behind for loved ones to replay as often as they want.

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. While we never know when it’s our time, we can leave a loving gift behind in the form of a prerecorded farewell message that our loved ones can listen to each day. Although nothing is quite like being next to the ones we love, knowing they’ll get to hear your voice as often as they want, even when you’re no longer around, will give you peace of mind.

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