QR Memorial

Collect Tributes That Stand the Test of Time With a QR Memorial


Already have an Obituary online? Purchase just the Engraved QR Code Plaque

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Collect Tributes That Stand the Test of Time With a QR Memorial

2×2 inches in size

20 gauge thick

Weighs 18g

Attaches to any smooth surface gravestone or monument

Made from Grade 304 stainless steel

Includes a free personalized memorial web page/digital guestbook for your loved one’s memories

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Step 1

We create an obituary QR code

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Step 2

The QR code is lasered into a stainless steel metal

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Step 3

The individual gets a designated webpage

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Step 4

Upon scanning the QR code you are taken to the webpage memorial

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Step 5

Enjoy memories

How Does a QR Memorial Work?

Your custom QR code plaque is a digital key that can be scanned by those who visit your loved one’s resting place. When scanned with a smartphone, the code takes you to a customizable web page where you can view videos, photos and written tributes. Use your personalized web page to share and compile treasured memories and tributes following the passing of a loved one. You can even share condolences from family and friends at a funeral.

Connect Loved Ones Across the Globe

The link to your loved one’s personalized web page can be sent via email or text to other friends and family, or you can share it on social media to collect messages, photos, videos and tributes from family and friends all over the world, including those who couldn’t perhaps attend a funeral or special occasion in person.

QR Memorial Features

Share, store and treasure your memories

Display your memorial QR code plaque at a funeral, celebration of life event or other special occasion to collect memories and tributes from family and friends. Or post a link to the code on social media, via text or email to collect messages from those who couldn’t make an event.

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Video and photo storage

Upload unlimited videos and 20 photos and unlimited written messages on a dedicated web page.

Durable and industrial grade

Easily mounts to a monument, headstone or attaches to a stake for easy access to your pictures, messages and videos when visiting a grave. Made from Grade 304 stainless steel finish and UV resistant.

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Create a personalized timeline

Showcase the many highlights of your loved one’s life through a bespoke timeline with important memories, dates, videos and photos.

Economical and for everyone

We believe in fair and affordable pricing to make our QR code plaques available to as many families as we can, so your memories can last for generations to come.

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Ready to Get Started On A Memorial QR Code Plaque?
We Also Offer Partnership Discounts

Are you a funeral home director looking to add a special touch to your services? Give your guests an engraved QR Code Plaque that allows visitors to easily visit their loved one’s obituary. Bulk pricing is available, and management is as easy as ever. Simply buy a set of credits, then any time you log into your account, upload the URL to your profile, either one at a time, or all at once, and we’ll send you your plaque’s.

Starting at $50/QR Plaque

Starting at $50/QR Plaque