Memoirs & Messages

Create a treasured reminder of your lost loved ones or create a will.

At Ever After Memoir, we are committed to helping individuals preserve their precious memories and transform them into captivating memoirs. Our service goes beyond mere preservation; it also offers valuable support to those who may be at risk of Alzheimer’s disease. By allowing individuals to capture and record their thoughts before memory loss takes hold, we empower them to document their life stories and create lasting legacies. With our platform, cherished memories can be cherished forever, ensuring that personal narratives remain alive and treasured for generations to come.

Written Messages
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  • Express your love and respect by writing a special message with our Written Messages service.
  • Comfort your loved ones even after you're gone.
  • Create a message accessible by up to 2 trustees.
Audio Messages
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  • Leave meaningful and personal messages to loved ones and friends.
  • Record your voice to allow them to listen to one of the most iconic features about you.
  • Comfort those you care about by allowing them to hear your voice.
  • Create even more special memories beyond text with Recorded Videos.