Our Story

The concept of Ever After Memoir has been germinating in my mind for several years following the unexpected death of my father.

Like many people who unexpectedly lose a loved one, I needed to begin the grieving process, but it was more difficult because I was never able to say the things I wanted to say to my father or hear the things I needed to hear from him. Relying on friends and family to fill that void, and recount thoughts and feelings second-hand, only moves the grieving process so much. How much easier that process would have been had Ever After Memoir existed.

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Now, I’m a father to my own beautiful little girl, I couldn’t help but wonder if my daughter would know and understand how much I love her and how much she means to me. I wanted to ensure that she’d always know, no matter what happened. I didn’t want what happened to me to happen to her.

If something unexpected happened to me, who would tell her how much I love her? Who would pass along to her my wishes and dreams for her future?  How would she get my unfiltered thoughts and feelings — directly from me – instead of second-hand or third hand from other people? That’s when I began developing Ever After Memoir in earnest.

A messaging service that essentially stops time by enabling individuals to create pre-written and pre-recorded messages to share with their loved ones for years to come. Leaving a message for the people I love is crucial because I want them to know how much they’ve impacted me throughout my life. We all leave things unsaid when it comes to our loved ones. Life sometimes gets in the way and we think we will get the chance to say the unsaid “later.” Sometimes “later” never comes. Ever After Memoir guarantees that your family and friends will know just how much they truly meant to you throughout your lifetime.

There is no better gift you can give those that are so special to you than your own heartfelt words telling them how they positively impacted your life. Celebrating your family ties and friendships is truly the best “thank you” you can leave your loved ones. Whether it is a letter, an audio recording, or a video, now is the time to speak from your heart.

After all, “later” may never come, but your words can last forever.

Prerecorded Farewell Video