QR Memorial

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How it Works

step 1

Step 1

We create an obituary QR code

step 2

Step 2

The QR code is engraved into a stainless-steel metal

step 3

Step 3

The individual gets a designated webpage

step 4

Step 4

Upon scanning the QR code you are taken to the webpage memorial

step 5
Step 5

Enjoy memories

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Collect Tributes That Stand the Test of Time

With a QR Memorial

Don’t let the memory of your loved one fade away after they have passed. With a QR memorial placed on their headstone or urn you can keep their memories alive for generations and showcase who they were.

2×2 inches in size

20 gauge thick

Weighs 18g

Attaches to any smooth surface gravestone or monument

Made from Grade 304 stainless steel

Includes a free personalized memorial web page/digital guestbook for your loved one’s memories

The QR Memorial™ Features

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